Peter Goretti

Captain Peter Goretti has been avidly fishing The Upper and Lower Niagara River along with Lake Erie for over twenty years. His father had owned a boat to which he and his family would spend summers fishing and boating The Upper Niagara River and Lake Erie.

When winter’s thought they had taken Captain Peter off the water, he went to shore fishing the tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, including The Lower Niagara River. He had become obsessed with migratory trout known as steelhead. Captain Peter would spend many days with frozen fingers and feet targeting these majestical fish. At the age of 10, Captain Peter’s father purchased him a boat; where he would spend spring and summer months fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye. While in college, Captain Peter would explore The Lower Niagara River in a 16 foot aluminum boat, obsessing on how to fish one of the world’s strongest rivers.

With all these past experiences combined, Captain Peter decided to start One More Drift Fishing Adventures. It’s important that he shares these experiences while providing a fun, safe, and memorable time for costumers, and their families.