Steelhead were introduced into The Great Lakes years ago. They are migratory trout that spend all summer in The Great Lakes then migrate into the rivers and tributaries starting in the fall through winter and into the spring.

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A sure sign of spring besides warmer temperatures is the annual spawning of Lake Erie’s world famous smallmouth bass. Late April throughout June the Buffalo Outer Harbor located right outside of Buffalo NY is home to some of the biggest smallmouth bass. They come into the shallows of Lake Erie, and The Niagara River to feed and spawn.

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A sure sign summer has begun is the start of walleye fishing. In our basin of Lake Erie, the walleyes that hang out down around the Ohio area of Lake Erie make their way to the eastern basin outside of Buffalo.

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Lake Trout are native to The Great Lakes. They are another cool water trout that can be found by the thousands in The Lower Niagara River when water temperatures drop to approximately 55 degrees and below. They make for great fighting fish, but are catch, and release aboard our vessel.

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Brown Trout are stocked trout that were introduced to The Great Lakes decades ago. They’re amazing brown, and gold colors are what lure anglers from all around world to come, and fish for them. They also are a cold water trout that can be excepted to show up when waters cool to 55 degrees and below.

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Great Lakes King Salmon are some of the hardest freshwater fish we have. Salmon are stocked in Lake Ontario at a very young age.

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About your captain

Captain Peter Goretti has been avidly fishing The Upper and Lower Niagara River along with Lake Erie for over twenty years. His father had owned a boat to which he and his family would spend summers fishing and boating The Upper Niagara River and Lake Erie.

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Introducing our next generation to Mother Nature!

Introducing our our children, and youth to what our area has to offer is a vital role in their development to young adults! Teaching them respect for our environment is high on our priority list!



  • Patrick
    “I have gone out with Pete on several occasions! From steelhead and lake trout in the lower Niagara river, to smallmouth bass in the Upper. He’s an incredible fisherman with an abundance of knowledge. Whether you’re looking to get out there and experience this incredible fishery for the first time, or just hone in on your skills, Pete should be you first call!!”
    Long time client
  • Jack
    “Captain Goretti took me out for my first time ever fishing the Niagara River where I was not too sure what to expect. Within 5 minutes of being on the water I was already learning new techniques of fishing. From there on, captain Goretti helped me catch my first lake trout and a great bunch of steelhead. It was an unforgettable day of learning and catching fish in a surreal environment.”
    Lower Niagara River Steelhead Fishing 12/2022
  • Jeffrey Bass
    “Peter is one of the most down to earth experienced charter captains I've chartered with. He was extremely helpful and offered great advice. He'll go the extra mile to make sure you're catching fish, although we were nailing them ten minutes in! I highly recommend "One More Drift" whether you're fishing for bass on the upper or trout on the lower. Peter is your man!”
    Jeffrey Bass
    Trip 08/2022
  • Brady
    “Captain Goretti offered us a exciting and rememberable experience while fishing the Niagara River. His dedication and focus is what made the fishing seem so enjoyable and satisfying. He has great knowledge about the sport of fishing and always is a helping hand when you are going out with him for a trip! Highly recommend this charter to anyone who enjoys fishing.”
    Steelhead Trip 12/2022 Lower Niagara River

Frequently asked questions

1What should I wear?
Clothing is imperative to having a fun and successful experience. In the colder months, fall through winter and spring, layering with non cotton clothing will allow you to sweat if need be. Polyester is your friend during these times. Waterproof jackets and overall bibs will also keep the elements out. Summer time sun screen is a must. Shorts and short sleeves are acceptable but light polyester long sleeves are great to allow your body to breathe while blocking the sun out. A baseball or beanie depending on the weather temperature is imperative to keep the sun off your face and keep your head warm.
2What can I bring on your vessel?
A small cooler for the days catch is acceptable. You may pack water and snacks that can be munched on throughout the day. Alcohol such as beer is acceptable but no liquor. The captain does not want his clients getting intoxicated where it becomes a safety issue. The captain has the right to stop his clients from drinking if they become intoxicated. No drugs and not excluding marijuana are allowed on the captain’s vessel.
3Can we keep what we catch?
Each species of fish has a certain length they have to be in order to possess them. Depending on the species of fish, you are allowed to keep a legal amount. Harvesting a fish is dependent on what the captain recommends fishing for. Captain Goretti does not harvest smallmouth bass and steelhead are highly recommended for catch and release only. Perch and walleye make better table fare.
4I have a young child, are children welcome?
Yes, children are encouraged to go fishing. Parents must keep in mind that they are making an invest and children are not always geared for a full days worth of fishing. A half day trip is a great alternative for children. Children must wear life jackets that are provided by the captain.

Fishing in the Niagara River offers several benefits, including:

  • Relaxation and stress relief: Fishing can be a peaceful and meditative activity that can help reduce stress and improve mental health.
  • Connecting with nature: Fishing provides an opportunity to get outside and experience the beauty of the Niagara River and its surrounding environment.
  • Building skills and knowledge: Fishing requires patience, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of various techniques and gear, which can be a rewarding learning experience.
  • Quality time with family and friends: Fishing can be a great way to spend time with loved ones and create new memories.
  • Sustainable food source: If you choose to keep your catch, fishing can provide a fresh and healthy source of food.
  • Supporting the local ecosystem: Fishing can help promote a healthy and sustainable ecosystem by removing non-native or overpopulated species of fish.

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